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Cell Structure Connectikit

Designed for use over several class periods, this kit lets students study and ...

Colors Of Autumn Lab

Identify the pigments that give leaves their color. What colors make up the ...

Mitosis Connectikit

This kit provides a first-hand look at real chromosomes as they appear during ...

Plant Cell Connectikit

Designed for the study of stem tissue as well as basic microtechnique. Students ...

Potometer Demonstration Model

A quick and easy way to measure water loss in plants. Yields quick, ...

Seed Staining Connectikit

Student sprout seeds, then dissect them and apply reagents to detect the presence ...

Support Stand & Clamp


Symbiosis In Nature Lab Investigation

Explore a symbiotic relationship between clover root nodules & bacteria. Explore a mutualistic, ...

Symbiosis In Nature Lab Investigation Refill

Refill for add’l classes. ...