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Genetics and Biotechnology

Biotechnology - Strategies for Life

1986. Antebi and Fishlock.  Explores this exciting field in a broad descriptive and ...

Complete Introduction to Experimental Molecular Biology

1995.  Ahern.  Intended as a "first exposure" to experimental molecular biology.  Experiments revole ...

DNA Fingerprinting

1991.  Christopher Lampton, Franklin Watts.  Examines the technology of DNA fingerprinting and the ...

DNA Is Here To Stay

1992. Dr. Fran Balkwell. Chromosomes, genetic code, and the double helix are all ...

Genes & DNA

2003. Richard Walker. This book explores the intricate mysteries of this exciting science. ...

Genes & DNA

Usborne Internet-Linked. 2003. Anna Claybourne. Genes and DNA are big news and stories ...

Genetics Of The Fruit Fly

1978. Patricia Lucas. Connecticut Valley Biological. A manual for experiments using the common ...

Get a Grip on Genetics

1998. Martin Brookes. From Mendel and the garden of peas, to the discoveries ...

Life Lines: The Story of The New Genetics

1999. J.S. Kidd and Renee A. Kidd. Life Lines explores the current concerns ...

Methods in Plant Tissue Culture

P.J. Bottino.  Manual produced by Kemtec Educational Corporation. Intended for use in teaching ...

Plant Biotechnology: A laboratory Manual

1995. Robert Lebowitz.  Written primarily for an undergraduate audience.  Assumes that students have ...