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DNA/Chromosome Staining Lab Activity

Innovating Science™ Prepare your own squashed stained slide and be able to identify ...

Genetics of Blood Types - Refill

Innovating Science™ 4 Simulated Blood SamplesMotherChildSample XSample Y1 bottle Simulated Anti-A Serum1 bottle ...

Genetics of Blood Types Activity

Innovating Science™   Blood type, an inherited characteristic, has use in everything from ...

Human Inheritance Patterns Connectikit

By observing their own families, students study the genetic traits of tongue rolling, ...

Human Karyotype Kit (Science Source)

Human Karyotype Kit. Science Source.  Last one! Human chromosomes are analyzed through the ...

Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

Innovating Science™ In this activity, students can simulate Mendel’s work and determine patterns ...

Simulating Natural Selection Lab Investigation

NeoSci. Game-like format simulates the natural selection that occurred in peppered moths! Your ...

Taste Discrimination Connectikit

Students test their ability to taste the sensations of sweet, sour, bitter and ...