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DNA Model Kit "A"

Students can build a segment of the DNA model consisting of the four ...

DNA Model Kit "A" - Single

Similar to BM 2051, but includes a single packet of components. One student ...

DNA Model Kit "B"

Beautifully illustrates the complex structure of DNA. The model comes unassembled and unpainted ...

DNA, RNA Protein Synthesis Kit

Lab-Aids. Designed to demystify the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis by enabling students ...

Extracting DNA Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Isolate & observe actual DNA in your classroom! Class size - 40 students. ...

Modeling DNA Structure & The Process of Replication Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Replicate the double helix structure of DNA. Class size - 40 students. ...

Turning Genes 'On' And 'Off' Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Explore how genes respond to their environment. Class size - 40 students. ...