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DNA Model Kit "A"


Students can build a segment of the DNA model consisting of the four nucleotides, adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine. The model is structured on that suggested by Watson and Crick. Each piece is color-coded to designate certain of the molecules making up the four nucleotides present in DNA.

Each of the 12 groups of students can construct a segment composed of six paired bases. Upon the completion of the twelve segments, they may be attached to construct a double helix DNA model over 12 feet long. The kit is designed for 50 students in 12 groups working simultaneously. Complete background information included.

CONTENTS: (12 packets each containing the following color-coded components): 12 Triagonal "Ribose" centers, 12 Diunivalent "Phosphate" centers, 3 "Adenine" bonds, 3 "Cytosine" bonds, 3 "Guanine" bonds, 3 "Thymine" bonds, 6 "Hydrogen" bonds, 24 Connector bonds, 1 Mounting stand, 50 Student guides, 1 Instruction manual.

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