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DNA Model Kit "B"


Beautifully illustrates the complex structure of DNA. The model comes unassembled and unpainted but can easily be assembled in 1/2 hour. Constructed from only six different molecular parts. Base pairs are manufactured in a single plastic piece as are the sugar and phosphate bonds. Comes complete with the necessary paints and brush. Approximately 5 hours of painting time required.

CONTENTS: 32 Deoxyribose Ring Units, 32 PD5 Carbon Atoms (of Deoxyribose), 32 Abbreviated Phosphoric Acid Units, 32 Phosphate to #3 Carbon (of Deoxyribose) Bond Units, 8 Adenine-Thymine Base Pair Units, 8 Guanine-Cytosine Base Pair Units, Support Stand, Laboratory Exercise Booklet, Paints and Brush, Instructions.

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