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DNA, RNA Protein Synthesis Kit


Lab-Aids. Designed to demystify the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis by enabling students to build DNA, replicate, transcribe, and translate.

Students first build a DNA model, replicate it and then use half of the 8-rung ladder to build messenger RNA (mRNA). Nucleotides of RNA are produced by following step-by-step directions that make the chemistry easy to understand. Transcription in the nucleus and the movement of the mRNA molecule are simulated by placing it on a model ribosome. Translation is then simulated by matching the mRNA and its codons to the transfer RNA (tRNA) and its anti-codons. The amino acids bond to form a protein molecule, demonstrating how the information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished protein. Students conclude by disconnecting the protein chain from the tRNA, and the tRNAs from the mRNA, showing their availability to continue the process.

Sufficient materials (1788 model parts) for 12 lab groups of 2 students each. Material is reusable.

CONTENTS: 12 Sets, each containing: 36 Deoxyribose (black pentagon), 9 Ribose (purple pentagon), 8 Cytosine (blue), 10 Thymine (green), 10 Adenine (orange), 8 Guanine (yellow), 36 Phosphate (white), 18 Hydrogen bonds (white rod), 5 Uracil (lavender), 3 tRNA (purple), 3 R-groups (black), 2 Peptide (covalent) bonds (gray), 1 Ribosome (purple), 24 Student worksheets & guides, parts I & II, Instruction manual.

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