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Glo Germ Kit 


The Glo Germ Kit contains a battery operated LED ultra-violet flashlight, an 8 oz. bottle of Glo Germ gel, and a 1.9 oz. bottle of Glo Germ Powder. 

Examine proper handwashing techniques.  Students put the gel on their hands, spreading thousands of tiny, plastic, fluorescent "germs", and then wash their hands.  Next, they check for remaining "germs" using the ultra-violet lamp.  Any remaining "germs" will glow brightly for all to see. 

Proper surface cleaning can be demonstrated using Glo Germ Powder.  Dust a surface with the powder and then clean.  Use the ultra-violet lamp to check for "germs".

Safe, affordable and easy to use.  Glo Germ provides an extremely effective classroom demonstration. 


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