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Detergents and the Environment


Innovating Science™.

Understand the consequences of cultural nutrient overloading on the aquatic environment. Recognize that there may be alternative, more environmentally-friendly alter­natives in typical consumer chemical goods. Demonstrate and monitor the effects of two detergent builders on natural wa­ter samples. Visually quantify the differences between phosphate and non-phosphate de­tergent builders on aquatic organisms.

There are enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher's manual and student copymasters are included. Materials Included in Kit: 1 phosphate builder (10% sodium phosphate) solution, 50ml; 1 non-phosphate builder (10% sodium silicate/5% citric acid) solution, 50ml; 1 control (deionized) water, 50ml; 45 plastic cups; 1 box microscope slides; 1 box coverslips. Materials Needed but Not Supplied: natural water sample (collected locally), aged tap water, marking pens. Optional: microscopes, plastic wrap or similar.

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