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Production of Biodiesel


Innovating Science™.

In this activity, students will be performing a two-phase process to produce small batches of crude biodiesel. The crude biodiesel produced is of sufficient quality for use in the demonstration of the burning qualities of both biodiesel and vegetable oil. Included is an optional small-scale exercise where the students will use a washing procedure for the crude biodiesel if you wish to have the students experience the full process of producing biodiesel to meet quality levels necessary for use in vehicles.

There are enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher's manual and student copymasters are included. Materials Included in Kit: 4 X 500ml vegetable oil, 15 X 25ml methyl alcohol, 1 X 20g pPotassium hydroxide, 2 microburners. Materials Needed but Not Supplied: beakers, 250ml; graduated cylinders, 25ml; graduated cylinders, 250ml; thermometers, hot plate/stirrers, electronic balance, Parafilm© (or similar), large pipettes and bulbs OR separatory funnels OR wash bottles. Optional: containers with sealable caps large enough to hold 200ml of liquid (if performing the washing process) distilled water (if performing the washing process).

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