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An Alternative Iodine Clock Reaction


Innovating Science™.

Students will learn the mechanisms and reactions involved in one type of clock reaction and understand how a clock reaction may provide insight into reaction kinetics. After assembling, performing, and obtaining data from several clock reactions students will alter experimental conditions and investigate the effects on clock reaction data. Determination of both the effects of both concentration and temperature on chemical kinetics will be investigated.

There are enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher's manual and student copymasters are included. Materials Included in the Kit: 3 X 100ml Ascorbic Acid 1.7%; 3 X 100ml IKI dilute Lugol's Solution; 2 X 200ml Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ; 1 X 3g Starch, Soluble; Plastic Cups; 30 Stir Sticks; 60 Measuring Cups, Disposable; 60 Pipettes, Disposable.

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