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Growlab II Indoor Gardens

Growlab II Compact Indoor Garden

Non-mobile, benchtop unit. For classrooms with limited space and budget, this is a ...

Growlab II Mobile Indoor Garden

A full-size, movable unit. This model has the same 48" x 22" growing ...

Growlab II Tabletop Indoor Garden

Non-mobile, benchtop or tabletop unit. This unit has the same 39" high frame ...

Growlab II Two-Tier Indoor Garden

A full-size, movable unit. This model has the same dimensions as the Mobile ...

Growlab: A Complete Guide To Gardening In The Classroom

1988. Eve Pranis and Jack Hale. This guide is included with the GrowLab ...

Growlab: Activities For Growing Minds

1990. Joy Cohen and Eve Pranis. A companion guide to PUB 819. For ...

Replacement Growlab Bulbs

Package of 4 48" fluorescent, Gro-lux, wide spectrum 40W bulbs. ...