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Additional Blood Typing Kits

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Simulated Blood Typing

Requires no blood. Lab Kit for 60 students. Concerns about the use of ...

Rh Blood Simutype Kit (Kemtec)

Using artificial bloods and sera that simulate actual blood typing, students follow exactly ...

X-Act Blood Typing Kit With Aids Module. (Theta Technologies)

With the artificial blood and sera in this kit, your students can now ...

Anti-Sera & Blood Typing by Innovating Science

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ABO Blood Typing Activity

Innovating Science™ The first blood typing system discovered, the ABO system, is the ...

ABO/Rh Blood Typing Activity

Innovating Science™ This activity provides the most procedurally accurate simulation of the blood ...

Genetics of Blood Types Activity

Innovating Science™ Blood type, an inherited characteristic, has use in everything from forensic ...

Human Biology

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Hand Tally Register

Chrome plated, hand-held counter for tallying organisms, events, etc. ...

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Features a 300 mm Hg aneroid gauge, no-pin stop, and velcro adult cuff. ...

Electronic Blood Pressure/Pulse Monitor

Digital monitor provides systolic, diastolic and pulse-per-minute readings. Features auto-deflate cuff and automatic ...


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Crime Lab Chemistry

1985. GEMS. Challenged to determine which of several black pens was used to ...

Mystery Festival

1994. GEMS. In this guide, students observe the "crime scene", then conduct crime ...

The Bones Book & Skeleton

1991. Stephen Cumbaa. The lively booklet tells how bones grow, fit, fuse, and ...

Health & Nutrition

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Effects of Smoking Model

Graphically demonstrate the impact of smoking on the lungs. Give your students a ...

Effects of Smoking Model (Refill)

Refill for add’l demonstrations. ...

Food Digestion Lab Investigation

Explore how food is processed by the body! Demonstrate how complex food molecules ...

Human Physiology Kits

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Understanding Human Senses Lab Investigation

Explore the capabilities & limitations of the human sensory system. The human senses ...

How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation

Simulate the spread of an illness through a population. Using a safe, simulated ...

How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation (Refill)

Refill for add’l classes. ...

Neo/Blood Typing Lab Investigations

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The Mystery Of The Bloody Stain Using Neo/Blood Lab Investigation

The Mystery of the Bloody Stain Using Neo/BLOOD Lab Investigation. Learn how blood ...

Abo-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/Blood Lab Investigation

Using actual blood typing procedures, students classify four unknown samples of the simulated ...


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Color Vision Perception Kit

Roylco.  Have fun with color vision!  Conduct tests to see who can and ...

Support Materials

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Systems of the Human Body

Help students explore and understand the body's systems and their effects on health ...

Bone and Muscle Challenge

A fun, fast-paced game that covers the functions and structures of the skeletal ...

Human Skeleton Science Pad

True Life Science Pad. Each page has a front view of the skeleton ...


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True To Life Human X-Rays

Explore the skeleton of a virtual person with computer enhanced x-rays that look ...

Broken Bones X-Rays

Roylco.  15 real X-rays reveal a detailed look at common breaks.  Use on ...