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Enzymes and the Process of Digestion

Innovating Science™ All the food in the world is of no use if ...

How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation

Simulate the spread of an illness through a population. Using a safe, simulated ...

How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation (Refill)

Refill for add’l classes. ...

Human Senses Experiment

Lab Kit for 30 students. Explore the human sensory system simply and thoroughly. ...

Kidneys & Blood Filtration

Innovating Science™ Learn the role of the kidney in blood filtration and waste ...

Narc-Lab (Orion Scientific)

Narc-Lab simulates the urine test used by forensic chemists and medical laboratories to ...

Urinalysis Using Simulated Urin - Refill

Innovating Science™ Refill for Kit BR3008 4 Simulated Urine Samples, 250mL eachPatient XPatient ...

Urinalysis Using Simulated Urine

Innovating Science™ Urinalysis, one of the oldest medical diagnostic tests performed, is to ...