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Narc-Lab (Orion Scientific)


Narc-Lab simulates the urine test used by forensic chemists and medical laboratories to detect cocaine, PCP, THC, and other controlled substances. In each case the procedure is the same -- only the reagents change. This generalization of the test uses similar steps to detect a simulated drug in artificial urine.

The teacher chooses which "urine" samples will test negative for the drug, and ensures that result by adding an activator to the selected vials. The next day, students add enzyme and "anti-human antibody" to drops of "urine," mix, and check to see whether the result is pink (negative) or clear (positive for the drug).

Sufficient materials are provided for 200 repetitions. 8 Vials "urine", 1 Vial enzyme, 1 Vial "human antibody", 1 Vial normal activator, 1 Vial reagent crystals, 15 Plastic slides, Toothpicks, 15 Student instruction sheets, Teacher instructions with answers.

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