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A DNA Murder Mystery

A fun way to learn about a topical, revolutionary technology. Lab Kit for ...

Clues In Crime ( Single Copy)

The Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations. Students will join Professor of ...

Crime Scene 1: The Case Of Lois Mcarthur

Was it murder or suicide? Let your students use their detective skills to ...

Crime Scene 2: Kidnapped! The Case Of Jason Worth

What has happened to the missing heir? Let your class be the detectives ...

Crime Scene 3: Drug Bust

Things aren’t going well at Bellehomme Academy. Students have been implicated in a ...

Detective's Casebook Lab Investigation

Design & solve forensic mysteries. Your students will hone their forensics skills by ...

DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab Activity

Innovating Science™ DNA fingerprinting is one of the strongest forms of evidence in ...

Fingerprinting A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation

Apply the scientific method using actual FBI techniques. Your class will enjoy applying ...

Fingerprinting A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation (Refill)

REFILL for add’l fingerprinting cards. Package of 20. ...

Forensic Drug & Poison Analysis: Chemistry & Toxicology

Innovating Science™ In this lab, the student learns the difference between forensic chemistry ...

Terror From Paradise

Investigate a real life simulation as students play an interactive role in identifying ...

The Mysterious Liquid From Area 51

Become involved in the mystery of the infamous "Area 51", a clandestine military ...

Who stole the Gold? A Comprehensive Forensic Analysis

Innovatine Science™ Your forensic team is needed to help figure out which of ...