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A DNA Murder Mystery

A fun way to learn about a topical, revolutionary technology. Lab Kit for ...

Clues In Crime ( Single Copy)

The Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations. Students will join Professor of ...

Crime Scene 1: The Case Of Lois Mcarthur

Was it murder or suicide? Let your students use their detective skills to ...

Crime Scene 2: Kidnapped! The Case Of Jason Worth

What has happened to the missing heir? Let your class be the detectives ...

Crime Scene 3: Drug Bust

Things aren’t going well at Bellehomme Academy. Students have been implicated in a ...

Detective's Casebook Lab Investigation

Design & solve forensic mysteries. Your students will hone their forensics skills by ...

DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab Activity

Innovating Science™ DNA fingerprinting is one of the strongest forms of evidence in ...

DNA Forensics Lab Investigation

Explore the use of DNA technology in crime solving! Your students will become ...

Fingerprinting A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation

Apply the scientific method using actual FBI techniques. Your class will enjoy applying ...

Fingerprinting A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation (Refill)

REFILL for add’l fingerprinting cards. Package of 20. ...

Forensic Drug & Poison Analysis: Chemistry & Toxicology

Innovating Science™ In this lab, the student learns the difference between forensic chemistry ...

Terror From Paradise

Investigate a real life simulation as students play an interactive role in identifying ...

The Mysterious Liquid From Area 51

Become involved in the mystery of the infamous "Area 51", a clandestine military ...

The Mystery Of The Bloody Stain Using Neo/Blood Lab Investigation

The Mystery of the Bloody Stain Using Neo/BLOOD Lab Investigation. Learn how blood ...

Who stole the Gold? A Comprehensive Forensic Analysis

Innovatine Science™ Your forensic team is needed to help figure out which of ...