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A DNA Murder Mystery


A fun way to learn about a topical, revolutionary technology. Lab Kit for 40 students. Teach your class about the latest innovations in DNA technology and their application to forensic science through the simulation of DNA fingerprinting and its application to a mystery. In the process, the class gains an understanding of how this technology capitalizes upon the individuality of gene expression. Given the completely reusable kit, the class is challenged to solve a murder by matching the "pop bead" DNA "fingerprints" of suspects versus samples collected at the scene of the crime. They learn the basics of DNA fingerprinting and why this revolutionary process is so highly accurate. In the process, the class becomes familiar with DNA structure and extraction, gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. This activity may also be used to stimulate discussion of other "real world" applications of this cutting-edge technology as well as the ethical considerations involved. Key Scientific Concepts: Structure and function of DNA - DNA extraction - Genes and chromosomes - Human Genetics and inheritance - Gel electrophoresis. Cross-Curriculum Integration: Math - Writing - Social Studies - Ethics.

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