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Water Quality Educator Monitoring Outfit (Complete W/ Test Kits, Handbook & Cd)


Complete Water Quality Educator & Monitoring Outfit.  Complete with the following:

Water Quality Monitoring Outfit:

Complete test Kits for 7 critical water quality test factors. Includes lesson plans for grades 5-8 and 9-12. 

The Monitor's Handbook - A Reference Guide for Natural Water Monitoring.

Discusses reasons for monitoring, organizational planning, pre-monitoring activities, site selection, extensive descriptions of the physical, biological and chemical factors, equipment, quality data, analysis and presentation,

The Water Quality Educator CD (PC or MAC)

Teach your students and volunteer monitors all about natural water quality minitoring. Useful for designing a science project, commenity outreach program, environmental science course, classroom and field activity.  All three categories of water testing are included - chemical, microbiological and macroinvertebrate standard methods - safety, testing hints and interpreting results. System requirements: Windows: 64MB available RAM, Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista.  Macintosh: 128 MB available RAM, OS x 10.1.5, 10.2.6 or 10.3.

A rugged field carrying case houses individual test kit modules and valuable information to assist and supplement water quality studies. Each test module contains complete instructions and all the necessary apparatus and reagents to perform tests. Separate modules allow teams of students to perform several tests simultaneously at one or more testing sites.

Economical refill packages are available for the entire outfit or for each individual module, as needed.

Includes Tests for:

  • pH, 3.0-10.5 (100 tests)
  • Nitrate-nitrogen 0-15 ppm (50 tests)
  • Phosphate 0-2.0 ppm (50 tests)
  • Dissolved Oxygen 0-10.0 ppm (50 tests)
  • Alkalinity, total 0-200 ppm (50 tests)
  • Turbidity 0-200 JTU (50 tests)
  • Temperaturs -5 tp 45 C




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