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Marchantia Slide, Antheridial Head, l.s.

Prepared slide. Antheridial Head, longitudinal section for general structure. ...

Marchantia Slide, Archegonial Head, l.s.

Prepared slide. Archegonial Head, longitudinal section shows attached archegones with egg, venter and ...

Marchantia Slide, Cupule with Gemmae, l.s.

Prepared slide. Cupule with gemmae, longitudinal section. ...

Marchantia Slide, Gemmae, w.m.

Prepared slide. Gemmae, whole mount. ...

Marchantia Slide, Life Cycle, Includes l.s.

Prepared slide. Life Cycle, includes longitudinal section of cupule with gemmae, longitudinal section ...

Marchantia Slide, Sporophyte, l.s.

Prepared slide. Sporophyte, longitudinal section shows foot embedded in gametophytic tissue, short seta ...

Marchantia Slide, Thallus, c.s.

Prepared slide. Thallus, cross section for air pores and chimney cells. ...