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Epithelium Slide (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Section of 3 types:  kidney, intestine and skin. ...

Epithelium Slide, Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar (Human), sec.

Prepared slide.  Human pseudostratified ciliated columnar section of the trachea. ...

Epithelium Slide, Simple Columnar (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Simple columnar section of the intestine. ...

Epithelium Slide, Simple Cuboidal (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Simple cuboidal section of the thyroid. ...

Epithelium Slide, Simple Squamous (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Human simple squamous section of the kidney. ...

Epithelium Slide, Squamous (Human), smear

Prepared slide. Squamous smear of the buccal mucosa (cheek cells). ...

Epithelium Slide, Stratified Squamous (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Stratified squamous section of the esophagus. ...

Epithelium Slide, Transitional (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Transitional section of the bladder. ...

Scalp with Hair Slide (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Section of human scalp with hair. ...

Skin Slide, Caucasian and Negroid, sec.

Prepared slide. Sections of human skin - Caucasian and negroid. ...

Skin Slide, Caucasian, sec.

Prepared slide. Caucasian. Section of general body skin. ...

Skin Slide, Negroid, sec.

Prepared slide. Negroid. section of general body skin. ...

Skin Slide, Section Through Pacinian Corpuscle, sec.

Prepared slide. Section of skin through pacinian corpuscle. ...

Skin Slide, Thick, (Human), sec.

Prepared slide. Thick section of human skin taken from the palmar or volar region. ...