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Cardiac Muscle Slide (Non-human), Intercalated Discs, sec.

Prepared slide. section of intercalated discs of non-human cardiac muscle.  A special stain ...

Cardiac Muscle Slide (Non-human), sec.

Prepared slide. Section of non-human cardiac muscle. ...

Cardiac Muscle Slide (Non-human), Teased, w.m.

Prepared slide. Whole mount of non-human cardiac muscle, teased. ...

Involuntary Muscle Slide (Non-human), Smooth, c.s.and l.s.

Prepared slide. Cross section and longitudinal section of non-human involuntary (smooth) muscle. ...

Muscle Slide (Non-human), 3 Types, sec.

Prepared slide. Sections of 3 types of non-human muscle for a comparative study. ...

Purkinje Fibers Slide (Non-human), sec

Prepared slide. Section of purkinje fibers in cardiac muscle. ...

Voluntary Muscle Slide (Non-human), l.s.. Thin Sec. Specifically Stained

Prepared slide. Longitudinal section of thin section of voluntary (striated) muscle specifically stained ...

Voluntary Muscle Slide (Non-human), Striated, c.s. and l.s.

Prepared slide. Cross section and longitudinal sections of voluntary (striated) non-human muscle. ...

Voluntary Muscle Slide (Non-human), Teased, w.m.

Prepared slide. Whole mount of non-human voluntary muscle, teased. ...