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Microbiology and Microlife

Garden of Microbial Delights: A Practical Guide to The Subvisible World

1993. Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis. "Microbes do far more than merely occupy ...

Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life On Earth

2000. Cynthia Needham, Mahlon Hoagland, Kenneth McPherson, Bert Dodson. This richly illustrated book ...

Magnificent Micro-World Adventures

Aims Education. This book has three major purposes: to teach students (1) how ...

Microscopic Explorations

1998. GEMS. This unique guide features ten learning stations and an eleventh Discovery ...

MIKE the Microbe

1993.  Ruth A. Simione.  Each of us spends our life "living" with microbes.  ...