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Plant And Animal Cells #1, Set of 4 Slides.


Set of 4 slides. Set includes representative cell types, mounted whole for an in-depth view and sectioned for added clarity.


  • KS 225 ELODEA LEAF, w.m. Demonstrates cell wall, chloroplasts, nucleus and nucleolus. 
  • KS 800 LEAF, c.s. Demonstrates cell wall, large vacuole, cytoplasm, chloroplasts, nucleus, nucleolus and chromatin.


  • JS 330 STARFISH EGG, w.m. Ovum at germinal vesicle stage demonstrates cell membrane, nucleus and nucleolus. 
  • JO 425 AMPHIUMA LIVER, sec. Demon-strates cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus and chromatin.

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