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Set of 8 slides. Set demonstrates various stages and structures of four common molds.

  • KD 30 RHIZOPUS, w.m. with rhizoids, sporangia and sporangiophores
  • KD 32 RHIZOPUS, w.m. with zygotes
  • KD 40 SAPROLEGNIA, w.m. with sex organs
  • KD 41 SAPROLEGNIA, w.m. with sporangia
  • KD 150 ASPERGILLUS, w.m.
  • KD 151 ASPERGILLUS, sec. with conidia
  • KD 210 PENICILLIUM, w.m. with mycelia, conidia and conidiophores
  • KD 211 PENICILLIUM, sec.

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