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Crystal Growing

Innovating Science™ This kit offers a chance for students to view the formation ...

Formation of a Native Copper Mineral Deposit

Innovating Science™ Of all the naturally occurring metals copper is one of the ...


A large piece of pure carbon from Mexico. One of nature’s softest minerals. ...

Hardness/Streak Test Kit

Contains minerals 1 through 9, as designated in the traditional Moh's Scale, plus ...

Long Wave Fluorescent Minerals

A set of minerals that emit light as they are exposed to a ...

Mohs Hardness

Innovating Science™ Mohs hardness scale was invented by Friedrich Mohs in 1812. Since ...

Natural Crystal Collection

Under the proper conditions, pure minerals will develop into crystal forms characteristic of ...

Small Group Learning: Formation of a Native Copper Mineral Deposit

Innovating Science™. Designed for smaller class settings, distance learning, after school programs and ...