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Animal Cells & Tissues Neo/Slides CD-ROM ( Single Copy)


Features dozens of magnifiable images of live and prepared specimen material which includes Invertebrates, Insect Structures, Vertebrate Tissues, Frog Development, and Human Sex Indicators including Human Male/Female Chromosomes, Squamous Epithelium, and peripheral blood film. Includes three video loops of Hydra, Planaria and Daphnia. Exploring Life Neo/Slide™ Software Series.

Each Neo/Slide CD-ROM features a comprehensive set of digital microscope slide images accompanied by supporting reference text and video clips. These fascinating photos can be magnified, manipulated and measured-just like with a traditional microscope! The unique programs allow the user to choose from tutorial, assessment or lecture modes.

All Neo/Slide CD-ROM programs can be used with either Windows or Mac. Requirements: Win 95 or higher; Mac 7.1 or higher. 16MB RAM. Grade 6 - 12.

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