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A Guide to The World of Jellyfish

 Limited Supply. 1992. Eileen Campbell. Delving into the ocean depths, enter the realm ...

A Walk on the Great Barrier Reef

Limited Supply. 1988. C. Arnold.  The fascinating plants and animals of the reef ...

Eyewitness Handbooks - Whales, Dolphins And Porpoises (1995)

Limited Supply. This new generation of guides to the world of natural collectibles ...

NatureScope Diving into Oceans

Limited Supply. 1998.  National Wildlife Federation.  Ranger Rick's Nature Scope.  One of several ...

The Book of Whales

PUB 556. THE BOOK OF WHALES. (1996) Richard Ellis.  Celebrates the beauty, the ...

The Great Barrier Reef: A Living Laboratory

Limited Supply. 1991. R. Johnson.  Gives a fascinating first-hand account of the research ...

Whales In The Classroom Presents: Getting To Know The Whales

Limited Supply. 1995. Larry Wade. This book is for middle-school-aged students who are ...