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Diffusion and Cell Size

Innovating Science™     Why are cells microscopic? The answer relates to the ...

Lab 1: Principles And Practice Of Diffusion And Osmosis

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  Materials and dialysis tubing are provided to perform ...

Osmosis & Diffusion Lab Investigation

Explore the essential processes of homeostasis. Graphically demonstrate that a cell’s membrane is ...

Osmosis and Diffusion Lab

Innovating Science™ This lab allows you to learn about two forms of passive ...

Osmosis Apparatus

A visual demonstration of osmosis & diffusion. Simplify the concept of osmosis with ...

Osmosis Apparatus, Refill for NEO 8

For teaching additional classes of NEO 8 - Osmosis Appararus. ...

Osmosis Simulation Activity Model

A striking, visual demonstration of osmosis. Quick and easy demonstration provides a solid ...

Selective Permeability Connectikit

With this kit students can identify individual samples of glucose, starch, protein and ...