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Selective Permeability Connectikit


With this kit students can identify individual samples of glucose, starch, protein and sodium chloride, and record the test reactions. They also conduct dialysis experiments involving the selective diffusion of organic nutrients through a semipermeable membrane, and measure the rate of diffusion. They can then compare the known test reactions with the results of their own experiments.

Complete instructions included. Sufficient for 30 students.


  • 1 roll dialysis tubing
  • 30 test vials
  • 1 unit each: glucose, starch, protein, sodium chloride
  • 1 bottle Lugol's iodine
  • 1 bottle Biuret reagent
  • 1 borrle silver nitrate
  • 1 bottle glucose test solution
  • 30 dropping pipettes
  • instructions


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