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A Worldwide Guide to Animals (Insects/Mites/Nematodes) Used For Pest Control

1992. W.T. Thomson. This book is a unique guide to the beneficial animals ...

Butterfly Gardens

1995. Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Contains butterfly biology for gardeners and practical tips on ...

Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control For Home And Garden

1996. Loren Nancarrow and Janet Taylor. Fight indoor and outdoor pests the safe ...

Growlab: A Complete Guide To Gardening In The Classroom

1988. Eve Pranis and Jack Hale. This guide is included with the GrowLab ...

Growlab: Activities For Growing Minds

1990. Joy Cohen and Eve Pranis. A companion guide to PUB 819. For ...

Hydroponics-Soilless Gardening

1990. Richard E. Nicholls. A beginner's guide to growing vegetables, houseplants, flowers and ...

Natural Insect Control

The Ecological Gardener's Guide to Foiling Pests. 1994. Pick a pest, and you ...

Plant Nutrition Studies

1971. Dr. Robert Stegner. This manual covers the study and practice of hydroponics ...

Secrets Of Plant Propagation

1985. Lewis Hill. A guide for starting your own flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, ...

Study of Soil Science

1970. Dr. Henry D. Foth. This booklet provides an introduction to soil formation, ...

The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

1998. Peter D’Amato. Carnivorous plants are beautiful, exotic, and surprisingly easy to grow, ...

Woodland Gardens

Shade Gets Chic. 1995. Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Contains shade gardening basics, including choosing ...