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Animal Kingdom Survey Set

A series of 12 fully labeled 5" x 6" displays. Included are: Porifera, ...

Comparison Of Hardwood And Softwood

Cross sections of hardwood (dicot) and softwood (conifer) trunks clearly reveal the growth ...

Comparison Of Monocots And Dicots

The first step to identifying flowering plants is distinguishing between the monocotyledons and ...

Dispersal Strategies

15 specimens show how organisms leave an area or disperse their young. Active ...

Ecological Relationships

When two species in a community interact, the results can be beneficial, harmful, ...

Fern Life Cycle Display

Includes examples of each phase of the fern life cycle. Shows the following ...

Fruit Types (11 Types)

(Smaller Mount) 11 types are represented by one specimen of each. Fruit types ...

Fruit Types (19 Specimens)

(Larger Mount) 19 specimens illustrate 3 types of nut, 3 types of samosa, ...

Leaf Shapes And Arrangements

At a glance, 17 specimens explain many leaf identification terms. Shows 10 shapes ...

Leaf Venation

An educational display of 4 different leaves, showing the pattern of their veins. ...

Lichen Forms

The 3 major types of lichens (crustose, foliose, and fruticose) are each represented ...

Plant Kingdom Survey Set

A series of 12 fully labeled 5" x 6" displays. Included are: Algae ...

Poison Ivy

Very informative and useful for both plant studies, and health and safety classes. ...

Recycling Riker Mount

Recycling is an important part of all of our lives. Highlight the many ...

Stem Adaptations

This mount clearly demonstrates how various types of stems have adapted for reproduction, ...