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Pangea Activity Model

Study the impact of plate tectonics on this "Super Continent". Were the continents joined together at some point in the distant past? Today scientists believe that this was exactly the case - over 200 million years ago! However, when Alfred Wegener first proposed this concept of a super continent - Pangea - and its single, surrounding ocean - Panthalassa - in the early 1900s, he sparked a great deal of debate and even ridicule. Now your students can explore the theory of plate tectonics firsthand with this visual representation of continental drift. The durable, plastic model features eleven removable and markable "plates". Also designed for use with an overhead projector, the model is accompanied by a transparent slide, featuring preprinted lines of longitude and latitude for easy reference. Includes comprehensive teacher’s guide. Size: 15 1/4" L x 10 1/4" W.

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