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1001 Questions Answered About Birds

1001 Questions Answered About Birds

Limited Supply. 1001 QUESTIONS ANSWERED ABOUT BIRDS. (1976) Cruickshank & Cruickshsnk.  How fast ...

175 More Science Experiments to Amuse and Amaze Your Friends

Limited Supply. 1990.  T. Cash, S. Parker, & B. Taylor.  More activities for ...

18 Hr. Chick Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Head Process Initiating. Whole mount. ...

2,3,5-Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride (5 G)

5 g. For seed germination tests.NOTE: Chemicals and Kits containing Chemicals will be ...

21 Hr. Chick Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Formation of Head Fold. 1-3 somites. Whole mount. ...

25 Low-Cost Biology Investigations

1994. Joel Beller. Build your students’ investigative skills and spark real excitement about ...

28 Hr. Chick Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. 8-10 somites. Whole mount. ...

33 Live Painted Lady Caterpillars

For use as kit refills or when you simply need butterflies for a ...

33 Painted Lady Caterpillars - Coupon

For use as kit refills or when you simply need butterflies for a ...

365 Starry Nights

Limited Supply. 365 STARRY NIGHTS. (1982) Chet Raymo.  A unique and fascinating introduction to ...

48 Hr. Chick Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Complete Aortic Arches. 24-28 somites. Whole mount. ...

5 Live Painted Lady Caterpillars

For use as kit refills or when you simply need butterflies for a ...

5 Painted Lady Caterpillars - Coupon

For use as kit refills or when you simply need butterflies for a ...

55-56 Hr. Chick Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Limb Buds. 29-32 somites. Whole mount. ...

75 Easy Earth Science Demonstrations

1997. Thomas Kardos. Cause a tornado, recreate glacial erosion, form a stalactite, build ...

75 Easy Life Science Demonstrations

1996. Thomas Kardos. Turn students on to exploring life forms and processes with ...

A Birdsong Tutor For Visually Handicapped Individuals

A narrated introduction to the sounds made by common birds, frogs, insects, and ...

A Closer Look At Pond Life

Through the wonders of close-up-photography, this unique CD-ROM brings students face-to-face with the ...

A DNA Murder Mystery

A fun way to learn about a topical, revolutionary technology. Lab Kit for ...

A Field Guide to The Animals of Vernal Pools

2000. Leo P. Kenney. Vernal pools are critical habitats that support unique and ...

A Greener Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid

Innovating Science™. Show students it is possible to produce sodium salicylate acid from ...

A Guide to Better Hatching

2001. Janet Stromberg. This is a good book for beginners as well as ...

A Guide To Corals For The Mini-Reef Aquarium

Limited Supply. 1997. Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod. This is a guide to the ...

A Guide to The World of Jellyfish

 Limited Supply. 1992. Eileen Campbell. Delving into the ocean depths, enter the realm ...

A Look at Biomes Game

This game is a great way to explore the world’s biomes. Players will ...

A Look at Predators

Students will learn about the predator and prey relationships that exist within nature’s ...

A Walk on the Great Barrier Reef

Limited Supply. 1988. C. Arnold.  The fascinating plants and animals of the reef ...

A Worldwide Guide to Animals (Insects/Mites/Nematodes) Used For Pest Control

Limited Supply. 1992. W.T. Thomson. This book is a unique guide to the ...

A.D.A.M. Essentials '98 Bundle Animated Dissection Of Anatomy For Medicine (Windows)

A.D.A.M. Essentials takes your students on an exciting journey through the human body. ...

Aanford King Size Markers(Black)

BLACK. Heavy-duty, broad-tip markers for non-porous surfaces. Permanent, fast-drying ink. ...

ABCs of Compass & Map Video

Learn how to navigate in the great outdoors. With this 35 minute, full-color ...

ABCs of Nature, Reader's Digest

Limited Supply. 1984. R. Scheffel.  The easy-to-use question and answer format provides answers ...