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Detection of Mad Cow Disease - for 6 Gels (6 Lanes Each)


Edvotek Series 100 Experiments. For 6 Gels (6 lanes each). Time required: Gel Prep - 30 min, Electrophoresis (125v) - 45 min, Staining - 15 min, Destaining - 20 min.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), better known as mad cow disease, is a neurodegenerative, fatal condition in cattle that can devastate the beef industry. The consumption of BSE-infected beef is believed to be the cause of a similar malady in humans, known as new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. One mode of BSE transmission throughout the cattle populations is by the inclusion of infected cow or sheep parts in cattle feed, a practice that was banned in the United States in 1997. In this experiment, students examine simulated PCR products from several feed mills, to determine any possible violations of the 1997 ban. Ready-to-Load DNA stable at room temperature.

REQUIREMENTS: Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, D.C. power supply, automatic micropipette with tips, balance, microwave oven or hot plate, waterbath (65 C), pipet pumps or bulbs, 250 ml flasks, hot gloves and safety goggles, latex or vinyl gloves, distilled or deionized water, photodocumentation system (optional), visualization system (white light), large weigh boats for destaining.

CONTENTS: Complete instructions, backround information, and study questions. Ready-to-load predigested. DNA samples. UltraSpec-Agarose powder. Practice gel loading solution. Electrophoresis buffer (50x). Calibrated pipet. 100 ml graduated cylinder. Microtipped transfer pipets. InstaStain methylene blue. Methylene blue plus liquid stain. Per Kit.

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