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Mapping of Restriction Sites on Plasmid DNA - for 6 Gels (4 Lanes per Gel)


Edvotek Series 100 Experiments. For 6 Gels (4 lanes per gel). Time Required after gel preparation and electrophoresis: Staining -- 15 min. Destaining -- 30 min.

In the Human Genome Project, DNA mapping is a common procedure used to determine the location of genes. In this experiment, a plasmid DNA is mapped after electrophoresis of plasmid DNA fragments in parallel with standard DNA markers.

REQUIREMENTS: Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus; D.C. power supply; visualization system (white light); automatic micropipet with tips; pipet pumps or bulbs; 250ml flasks; hot gloves and safety goggles; metric rulers; distilled or deionized water; 65°C waterbath; microwave oven or hot plate; photodocumentation system (optional); balance; latex or vinyl gloves; large weigh boats for destaining.

CONTENTS: Ready-to-load Pre-digested DNA Samples; Practice Gel Loading Solution; UltraSpec-Agarose™ Powder; Concentrated 50x Electrophoresis Buffer; Methylene Blue Plus™; DNA Blue InstaStain™; 1ml Pipet; 100ml Graduated Packaging Cylinder; Microtipped Transfer Pipets; Complete instructions, background information, and study questions.

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