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Polymers - Making Fluorescent Worms


Innovatine Science™

Allow students to learn about polymers and cross-linking using this fun and colorful activity. Students add a solution of sodium alginate to three calcium chloride solutions, each containing a different fluorescent dye. After a few minutes the liquid sodium alginate solution forms into gel-like polymer “worms”. Upon completion of the activity, the worms may be placed under a black light and the students will observe their worms glow red, blue, and green.

Contains enough material to make several dozen polymer worms.

Kit Includes:
Sodium alginate, 6g
0.1M calcium chloride/0.1% fluorescein, 1L
0.1M calcium chloride/0.04% rhodamine B, 1L
0.1M calcium chloride/0.5% quinine sulfate, 1L
3 Empty bottles w/flip-top caps
6 Forceps

Materials Needed but not Supplied
3 Containers for calcium chloride solutions (such as beakers, glass jars, or plastictrays)
Black light

DOT Info:
Non regulated

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