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All About Science Fairs

1989. John and Patty Carratello. A practical guide to helping children plan, complete, ...

Cell And Microbe Science Fair Projects

2005. Rainis. How do cells eat and move? What is pasteurization? How do ...

Checkpoint: A Science Project Survival Guide

1991.  E. Short.  The author, a 20 year veteran of science fairs, endeavors ...

Earth Science: 49 Science Fair Projects

1990. Robert L. Bonnet and G. Daniel Keen. Provides a wealth of innovative ...

Ecosystem Science Fair Projects

2005. Walker & Wood. Learn about ecology. Visit ecosystems and examine how plants, ...

Entomology: High School Science Fair Projects

1994.  H. Steven Dashefsky.  Filled with good, solid science fair projects, this book ...

Environmental Science: High School Science Fair Experiiments

1994.  H. Steven Dashefsky.  Covers the biosphere, atmosphere, soil and aquatic ecology, energy ...

Getting Started In Science Fairs: From Planning To Judging

1995. Phyllis J. Perry Ed.D. Provides complete descriptions of dozens of creative projects, ...

How To Do A Science Fair Project

1986. Salvatore Tocci. Tells students everything they need to know about choosing a ...

Managing Successful Science Fair Projects: A Step-By-Step Approach

1996. Patricia Hachten Wee. This book has all the material you need to ...

Science Fair Projects For Dummies

2003. Levaren. Stuck on what to do for a science fair project? This ...

Science Fair Survival Techniques For Kids, Parents, and Teachers

1997. Whether you’re a student looking for ideas for a science fair project, ...