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How Scientists Do Science

A quick & fun way to teach the scientific method. Lab Kit for ...

Investigating Spontaneous Generation

Recreate Pasteur’s classic experiment. Lab Kit for 40 students. Can life arise from ...

Investigating Spontaneous Generation, Refill

Refill for NEO 6, Investigating Spontaneous Generation. ...

Learning Activities With Everyday Oils Lab Investigation

Developed by Professor Abour H. Cherif (Columbia College), Professor JoElla Siuda (Illinois Institute ...

Metabolism Experiment

An excellent introduction to the metabolic process. Lab Kit for 50 students. Using ...

Milk Madness Lab Investigation

Witness the thrill of discovery through active student participation! Explore a host of ...

Ob-Scertainer® - A Better Black Box

Help teach students to "think scientifically". Lab Kit for 24 students. Students experiment ...

The Scientific Method Of Problem Solving Lab Investigation

Practice the scientific method through the testing and identification of unknown solutions! Delve ...