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Girls Can Succeed In Science!

Limited Supply. Antidotes for Science Phobia in Boys and Girls. 1999. Linda S. ...

The Bug Scientists

2002. Donna M. Jackson. Insects are among the earth's best fliers and farmers. ...

The Leakeys: Uncovering The Origins of Humankind

Limited Supply. 1997. Margaret Poynter. Louis and Mary Leakey helped found the science ...

The Mysterious Rays of Dr. Rontgen

Limited Supply. 1994.  Beverly Gherman.  Atheneum.  Dr. Rontgen discovered a new kind of ...

The Usborne Book of Scientists: From Archimedes to Einstein

Limited Supply. 1992. Struan Reid and Patricia Fara. This book looks at the ...

Women Scientists And Inventors: A Science Puzzle Book

1999. Jacquelyn A. Greenblatt. Learn about the accomplishments of more than 40 women ...