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Seed Sets and Kits

Basic Seed Set (Approx 100 Seeds)

Used to illustrate basic cotyledon differences between seed types and for germination studies. ...

Flower Starter Connectikit (Approx 100 Seeds)

Includes the CS 36 Seed Starter Kit and the following seeds: dwarf zinnia, ...

Investigating Photosynthesis Lab Investigation

Explore how plants and algae carry out photosynthesis. Study the importance of photosynthesis ...

Minerals And Plant Nutrition Lab Investigation

The importance of nutrients in the growth of plants. What causes some plants ...

Root Hairs Seed Set (Approx 100 Seeds)

Includes 1 packet each of the following seeds for studying root development: Barley, ...

Seed Starter Connectikit (Approx 100 Seeds)

Everything you need to grow plants from seed to maturity, except the seeds. ...