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Antibiotic Organism Set

Three separate tube cultures (2 bacteria and a fungus) that produce antibiotics. Bacteria: ...

Bacteria Morphology Set (5 Tube Cultures)

Five tube cultures which best show the different bacterial shapes: Bacillus megaterium (rods) ...

Bioluminescent Bacteria Culture ConnectiKit

Contains: 1 test tube culture of Vibrio fischeri 3 disposable petri plates of ...

Gram Stain Bacteriology Connectikit

Contains four tube cultures, staining materials and instructions. Sufficient for a class of ...

High School Bacteria Collection (7 Tube Cultures)

Seven tube cultures representing different chemical and morphological groups: Bacillus megaterium Pseudomonas fluorescens ...

High School Bacteriological Set (3 Plate Cultures)

An introductory set consisting of three bacteria cultures growing on plates of agar: Bacillus subtilis ...

High School Bacteriology Set (3 Tube Cultures)

An introductory set consisting of three bacteria cultures growing in tubes of agar: ...

High School Chromogenic Bacteria Set (4 Tube Cultures)

Pigmented bacteria supplied in four tube cultures growing on tryptic soy agar: Microroseus ...

Rhizobium and Clover Symbiosis Set

Useful for the study of the mutualistic relationship between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and legumes. ...