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Animal Bites

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Animal Bites™

This kit includes PerfectCast replicas of teeth, and mandible fragments, designed to reflect ...

Bone Clones Replica Skulls Mammalian Replicas

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Gorilla Skull, Male (Gorilla Gorilla)

Bone Clones®. Largest of the great apes. This skull, cast from an exceptionally ...

Gorilla Skull, Female (Gorilla Gorilla)

Bone Clones®. A lowland gorilla. Good for comparison with the male gorilla skull. ...

Orangutan Skull (Pongo Pygmaeus)

Bone Clones®. The Malay word "orangutan" means "old man of the forest." Orangutans ...

Bone Clones Replica Skulls Reptilian Replicas

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Gila Monster Skull (Heloderma Suspectum)

Bone Clones®. The only poisonous lizard in the world. This skull was cast ...

Dwarf Crocodile Skull (Osteolamus Tetraspis)

Bone Clones®. An evolutionary link between prehistoric dinosaur-like reptiles and present day birds, ...

Komodo Dragon Skull (Varanus Komodoensis)

Bone Clones®. Regarded as the largest living lizard, this primitive reptile can grow ...

Bone Clones Replica Skulls Avian Replicas

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Pileated Woodpecker Skull (Dryocopus Pileatus)

Bone Clones®. The largest woodpecker found in most of North America. ...

Crow Skull (Corvus Brachyrhynchos)

Bone Clones®. Common throughout North America, crows are very social and have a ...

Hyacinth Macaw Skull (Anodorhynchus Hyacinthus)

Bone Clones®. From Brazil, the hyacinth is the largest of the macaws. This ...

Books & Support Materials

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Peterson Field Guides - Mammals (1980)

The classic nature series for quick, accurate identification in the field. The Peterson ...

Key-Guide To Mammal Skulls And Lower Jaws

1986. Aryan I. Roest. A non-technical, illustrated key, intended to be used in ...

Eyewitness Books - Skeleton (1988)

Hundreds of stunning, real-life photographs and lively captions make this series the next ...

Natural Bone Amphibia

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Bullfrog Skeleton

A large specimen articulated and mounted on a wooden base with removable cover. ...


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Natural Bone Mammalian Non Human

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Rabbit Skeleton

Large adult, completely disarticulated except for skull, one forefoot and one hindfoot. Includes ...

Skeletal Key Cards

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Cat Skeletal Key Cards

Individual cards for each of our animal skeletons. Skeleton cards are printed on ...

Bat Skeletal Key Cards

Individual cards for each of our animal skeletons. Skeleton cards are printed on ...

Monkey Skeletal Key Cards

Individual cards for each of our animal skeletons. Skeleton cards are printed on ...

Skulls Aves

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Ranch raised. ...


Ranch raised. ...


Ranch raised. ...

Skulls Mammalia Carnivora

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Subadult Cat

Demonstrates eruption of permanent dentition. ...

Cat Skull - Second Quality

Second quality. ...

Skulls Mammalia Herbivora

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Skulls Mammalia Omnivora

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Skulls Reptilia

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Venomous ...


Nonvenomous ...

Replica Skeletons Human

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Half Size Human Skeleton With Spinal Nerve Endings

Identical to BM 3072, above, but with spinal nerve endings exposed. ...

Human Skeleton

Plastic. Rod supported. Adult specimen fully articulated and mounted. Calvaria cut and jaw ...

Human Skeleton - Hanging

Plastic. Ring mount. Same as SP 1950, except that this skeleton hangs instead ...


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True To Life Human X-Rays

Explore the skeleton of a virtual person with computer enhanced x-rays that look ...

True To Life Animal X-Rays

Real animal x-rays printed on durable, transparent plastic are great for years of ...

Insect X-Rays & Picture Cards

Get three different views of your favorite insects.The top has been photographed and ...