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Space Science

Discovery Channel - Night Sky

1999.  What has the Hubble Space Telescope revealed about our universe?  How should ...

Universe Bingo

Explore the universe and focus on the characteristics of our night sky with ...

The Amateur Astronomer: Explorations and Investigations

1994. Fred Schaaf.  This is a book every budding scientist needs to read ...

NatureScope Astronomy Adventures

1997.  National Wildlife Federation.  Ranger Rick's Nature Scope.  One of several in this ...

365 Starry Nights

365 STARRY NIGHTS. (1982) Chet Raymo.  A unique and fascinating introduction to astronomy designed ...

Space and Astronomy: 49 Science Fair Projects

1992. R. Bonnet and G. Keen.  This volume from the Science Fair Project ...

Meteorites Sikhote-Alin

Shrapnel from the USSR. Date 1947.Mounted in a 31/4" x 41/4" specimen box, ...

Meteorites Canyon Diablo

A fragment from Arizona. Dated 20,000-40,000 years ago.Mounted in a 31/4" x 41/4" ...

Meteorites Morocco

A fragment from the Sahara Desert. Time frame unknown.Mounted in a 31/4" x ...

Ready-To-Use Earth & Astronomical Activities For Grades 5-12

SECONDARY SCIENCE CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES. 1999. A series designed to help educators teach scientific ...

Messages From Outer Space: The Solar System And Beyond

2000. Lawrence Hall of Science. The exciting and topical unit opens when your ...

The Astronomy Fact Book And Planet Finder. A Guide For Planet Identification

1999. Richard Whittingham, Richard Cox. Human beings have always been fascinated by space, ...