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Daily Warm-Ups Earth Science

2002 Robert G. Hoehn. This book is a wonderful way to turn extra ...

Discovery Channel - Weather

Limited Supply. 1999.  What's the point of dew?  How can you measure the ...

Earth Science Flip Chart Set, Middle School

Includes: Minerals Rocks Fossils Geologic Time Plate Tectonics Earthquakes Weathering of Rocks & ...

Earth Science: 49 Science Fair Projects

Limited Supply. 1990. Robert L. Bonnet and G. Daniel Keen. Provides a wealth ...

Hands-On Earth Science Activities For Grades K-8

1995. Marvin N. Tolman. This book presents over 165 inquiry activities covering the ...

Hooked on Earth Science!

Limited Supply. 101 Ready-to-Use Crossword Puzzles for Grades 5-12. 1996. Kevin J. Cox. ...

Minerals Of The World Laminated)

Laminated. The striking full color poster contains fascinating background information and pictures of ...

Mystery of the Megavolcano (DVD)

NOVA.  A remote lake in Southeast Asia conceals evidence of Earth's greatest volcanic ...

Natural Disasters: Earth Science Readings

Limited Supply. 1996.  Nancy Lobb.  Dramatic descriptions of natural disasters motivate students to ...

Ready-To-Use Earth & Astronomical Activities For Grades 5-12

SECONDARY SCIENCE CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES. 1999. A series designed to help educators teach scientific ...

The History of Earth

Limited Supply. 1991.  W. Hartman & R. Miller.  Written as an illustrated chronicle ...

Visualizing Earth's Processes (Heavy Paper))

Heavy Paper. Vivid resource on key geologic processes Features detailed overview of the ...

Visualizing Earth's Processes (Laminated)

Laminated. Vivid resource on key geologic processes Features detailed overview of the rock ...

Water, Stones, and Fossil Bones

Limited Supply. 1991. Lind. NSTA Publication.  Teacher written, teacher tested earth science activities ...