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Explore The World Using Protozoa

1996. Society of Protozoologists. This new resource brings the work of leading protozoologists ...

Guide To Microlife

1996. Kenneth G. Rainis and Bruce Russell. This is the first comprehensive guide ...

Microbe Scavenger Hunt Lab Investigation

Explore the microworld in your environment. Hunt for various kinds of microorganisms - ...

Microbe Scavenger Hunt Lab Investigation Refill

Refill for add’l classes. Desired Date of Arrival can be entered during checkout. ...


Microlife.  An Illustrated Survey of Bacteria, Fungi, and Protists!  Features illustrations of a ...

Microlife Mix Culture

Delve into the diversity of pond microorganisms with unique, dried mix. Just add ...

Protist Chart

A colorful, well labeled chart offering examples of the following protests: Amoeba, Euglena, ...

Protozoan Diversity Neo/Slide™ CD-ROM ( Single Copy)

Features more than three dozen images of live and prepared specimen material-each available ...

Protozoan Diversity Neo/Slide™ CD-ROM (Library Pack of 20.)

Library Pack of 20. Features more than three dozen images of live and ...

Protozoans And AlgaeFood For All

An Eye of the Cyclops Class-Size Medialab: 15-minute video lesson plus hands-on lab ...

The Euglena

A close-up view of an idealized euglena from Biocam. Colorful and detailed, this ...