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Biology Teacher's Survival Guide

1993. Michael F. Fleming. This unique resource is packed with novel and innovative ...

Biology: An Usborne Introduction

1990. Jane Chisholm and David Beeson. Looks at living things, both plant and ...

Biotechnology - Strategies for Life

1986. Antebi and Fishlock.  Explores this exciting field in a broad descriptive and ...

Complete Introduction to Experimental Molecular Biology

1995.  Ahern.  Intended as a "first exposure" to experimental molecular biology.  Experiments revole ...

Dictionary of Nature

1994. David Burnie.  This authoritative reference presents the fundamentals of life science in ...

Exploring With Wisconsin Fast Plants: Friendly And Accessible Hands

1995. University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Fast Plants are rapid cycling brassicas related to ...

Handbook To The Orders and Families of Living Mammals

1979. Timothy E. Lawlor. An illustrated manual for laboratory and museum, with keys ...

Infusing The Teaching Of Critical And Creative Thinking Into Secondary Science: A Lesson Design Handbook

1998. Robert J. Swartz, Stephen David Fischer, and Sandra Parks. This unique book ...

Openers for Biology Classes

1990.  Gridley.  Get your life science and biology classes going smoothly right from ...

Oxford Guide To The Elements

1998. Albert Stwertka. The chemical elements and the basic principles of chemistry are ...

Patterns & Experimants in Developmental Biology, Second Edition


Photo Atlas For Biology

1996. James W. Perry and David Morton. This full-color Photo Atlas guides students ...

Recycling 35Mm Canisters for The Teaching of Science

1993. Alfred DeVito. Contains more than 40 activities involving the use of 35mm ...

Recycling Two-Liter Containers for The Teaching of Science

1995. Alfred DeVito. More than 60 activities using two-liter containers are presented in ...

Resource Manual For Insect Collections

1997. James P. Key. This book contains reproducible instructions and diagrams to enhance ...

Resource Manual For Owl Pellet Labs

1996. James P. Key. Twenty-two pages of reproducible charts, activities, and text. Included ...

Schaum's Outline Of Biology

1999. George H. Fried, Ph.D. and George J. Hademenos, Ph.D. Contains 865 detailed ...

Schaum's Outline Of Molecular And Cell Biology

1996. William D. Stansfield, Jaime S. Colome, and Raul J. Cano. Contains 566 ...

Schaum's Outline of Zoology

1988. Nancy M. Jessop. Contains 1,050 solved problems with completely worked-out solutions covering ...

Science Experiences

1990.  Hassard.  Science Experiences is a source book for teachers in the elementary ...

Teaching About Evolution and The Nature of Science

1998. NSTA. Written for teachers, parents, and community officials as well as for ...

Teaching Children About Life and Earth Science

1994.  Elaine levenson.  Incorporates excellent teaching techniques and provides teachers and parents having ...

Teaching Children About Physical Science

1994.  Elaine Levenson.  Subjects covered include magnetism, static electricity, sound, light, air, and ...

Team Science: Organizing Classroom Experiments That Develop Group Skills

1996. Marilyn Coffin. Make science more fun and meaningful for your students with ...