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Transformation Of E. Coli With Puc8 Plasmid DNA (Blue Colony)


Edvotek Series 200 Experiments. For 10 Transformations and controls. Time Required: Transformation -- 45 min.; Plating -- 5 min.; Incubation -- overnight; Transformation Efficiency -- 15 min.

Kit includes Transformation Lyphocells™, which eliminates the need for dry ice shipping and -70°C storage of competent cells. In this experiment, the transformants acquire antibiotic resistance from the plasmid and exhibit blue color. The plasmid produces the lac Z' peptide which complements the cell's b-galactosidase, producing a blue color with X-Gal. The kit includes IPTG for the activation of the lac Z' gene and lac operon.

REQUIREMENTS: Automatic micropipet (5-50µl) and tips; two waterbaths; incubation oven; pipet pumps or bulbs; ice; hot plate or microwave oven; hot gloves and safety goggles; latex or vinyl gloves; marking pens. Some components require freezer storage at -20°C upon receipt.

CONTENTS: Lyphocells™; Plasmid DNA; Induction Buffer; Reconstitution Buffer; Ampicillin Antibiotic; X-Gal in Solvent; IPTG; ReadyPour™ Luria Broth Agar; Luria Broth Media for Recovery; 40 Petri Plates (60mm); Sterile Calibrated Transfer Pipets; Wrapped 10ml Pipets; Sterile Inoculating Loops; Microtest Tubes with Attached Caps; Complete instructions, background information, and study questions.

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