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Thetacoccus - A Simulated Bacterial Culture


Orion Scientific. Concerns about contamination, preparation and cost usually limit the study of bacteriology to microscopic observation. Bacteria, however, provide an important method of studying both morphological and biochemical aspects of a simple life form.

Thetacoccus, a simulated bacterium, provides both biochemical and morphological subjects, without the danger and inconvenience of actual living bacteria. Thetacoccus is not alive, needs no refrigeration and for most biochemical tests needs only a water bath of 37ºC for 1-2 hours.The testing solutions and original culture need no incubation and can be disposed of by pouring down the drain; the slides and solid materials can be tossed into the trash. There is no danger of bacterial contamination.

Contained in the kit are enough materials for over 200 Gram stains, enzyme tests and identification lab suggestions.

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