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Fungi & Yeasts

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Arthrobotrys conoides (Tube)

A predatory deuteromycete. Forms snares which trap nematodes for digestion. Medium: cornmeal-dextrose-yeast agar. ...

Arthrobotrys conoides (Plate)

A predatory deuteromycete. Forms snares which trap nematodes for digestion. Medium: cornmeal-dextrose-yeast agar. ...

Aspergillus niger (Tube)

Common black mold found on plants. Produces abundant conidiophores. Medium: potato dextrose agar. ...

Fungi Sets

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Mold Study Set

Three cultures on separate plates Aspergillus niger Penicillium notatum Rhizopus stolonifer Place order ...

Basic Fungi Set

Includes representatives of five fungal classes. (4 tubes and one jar.) Basidiomycete -- ...

Carnivorous Fungi Set

Contains: 1 plate of the nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys conoides 1  tube of its ...

Fungi Kits

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Carnivorous Fungi Connectikit

The fungus Arthrobotrys conoides forms loops which remain open until a nematode passes ...

Mycoease™ Fungal Growth & Observation System

Safe, quick and convenient way to study growing fungi. Revolutionary, patented system allows ...

Fungal Genetic Recombination Connectikit

This kit uses 3 strains of Sordaria fimicola to study segregation and crossing ...

Slime Molds

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Physarum polycephalum (Plate)

Please call to check availability. Supplied in plasmodium stage. Excellent for observation study ...

Physarum Polycephalum (Vial)

Supplied with small pieces of dried sclerotium on filter paper. May be reactivated. ...

Physarum Connectiquiz Worksheets

Each worksheet bears a diagram of Physarum, spaces where students can label anatomical ...

Support Material

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Dover Coloring Books - Mushrooms Of The World (1984)

Limited Supply. These inexpensive coloring books contain detailed coloring plates and concise, informative ...

Plants & Fungi-Multicelled Life

Limited Supply. Explores how cells work together to form the huge range of ...

Viruses & Bacteria Neo/Slide™ CD-ROM (Library Pack of 20)

Library Pack of 20. Features over 40 magnifiable images of live and prepared ...

Water Molds

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Saprolegnia (Tube)

Reproduces sexually by oospores and asexually by zoospores.NOTE: Bacterial and fungal cultures will ...