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Cleaning Up Oil Spills With Oil-Hungry Bacteria (Lab Investigation)

Watch oil degradation performed by microbes! Students set up a simulated oil spill ...

Determination of Alkalinity of Water

Innovating Science™ This kit has been designed to allow the analyst to perform ...

Determination of the Ammonia Nitrogen Concentration in Water

Innovating Science ™ This kit has been designed to allow the analyst to ...

Earth Force Low-Cost Water Monitoring Kit

Economical, portable & easy to use, for learning the basics of water quality. ...

Envirolab 1

What has happened to Carterville Creek?  This kit uses a clever story line ...

Water Pollutants & Purification Lab Investigation

Demonstrate the key concepts of water treatment. What is the source of our ...

Why Is The Water Green? (Lab Investigation)

Investigate how common pollutants affect microlife. Lab Kit for 40 students. Investigate how ...

Why Is The Water Green? (Refill)

Refill for NEO 19 ...